Who are we To the most details, For the best results Beijing LiZhongHuaYuan Technology Service Co. Ltd. (or “Lynxon”) was founded in 2006, with the headquarter in Beijing, China. Lynxon is a fin-tech enterprise focusing on providing solutions to insurance product development, product operation and related customer service and risk control.

Since its establishment, Lynxon has long dedicated to the sectors of family property protection, medical risk control, the application of intelligent medical technology, and quick service via mobile internet, together with PICC, China Life, Swiss Reinsurance, Suning, UnitedHealth, Swiss Life Network and other well-known enterprises and organizations at home and abroad.

Lynxon was once honorably designated by “2008 Beijing Olympic Games” as the only third-party organization to provide personal and medical risk management services. In the future, we will continue to provide cost-effective, safe and reliable service solutions for customers at home and abroad.

Lynxon has the vision of “Increase the happiness of every family”. As one of the earliest domestic enterprise to apply financial technology in the sectors of insurance and consumer finance, we keep track of the latest technological developments in the industry. We’ll make comprehensive use of information system development, big data, AI and other technologies to conduct frequent, concurrent service management and risk control on the basis of service experience accumulation and process optimization. We aim to reduce worries for every family, and constantly enhance the convenience of daily life for every consumer.

Lynxon embraces the talent-first strategy. We are not only producing good products and services together, but also enabling every participant experience the fun of contributing service to the society.
Products & Services To win trust with sincerity?To create value with concentration
  • Appliances services
  • Extended auto
  • Medical health
  • Other Service
Cases Studies Optimize user service experience, enhance product brand value and share innovative service concept
Industry Experience Whole Process Operation Management of Professional Teams
Vehicles Home Appliances Healthy Medical care
Vehicles In 2012, Lynxon, in cooperation with PICC, established an operation and service management system, to provide risk management services for vehicle extended warranty.With its own “Dual-CRM” model, Lynxon integrates the technical expert team, the actuary team, the IT R&D team to form a project team of vehicle extended warranty, to provide the risk management services, including the design of the insurance scheme, actuarial pricing of products, the review of underwriting/claim settlement, the formulation of administrative regulations, case management, data mining and so on.Lynxon, together with its partners, provides value-added services for vehicle owners, to promote the concept of environmental protection and green living, enhance the service efficiency, and reduce the cost of living and improve the quality of life for consumers.
Home Appliances In 2008, due to the actual demand of "extended warranty service for appliances" of Suning's, Lynxon , an exclusive third-party risk management and control organization, cooperated with Huatai Management and other joint guarantee parties to provide whole process operation management and risk control services for “Sunshine Package” extended warranty service which Suning has sold to customers. Lynxon is doing its best to keep pursuing perfection at every central stage in accordance with the requirements of all parties with professional and rigorous attitude, and providing strong assistance for the fourth signature of the co-insurers and Suning extended warranty service agreement.
Healthy In 2015, Lynxon cooperated with CCIC and United Health Medical Group to jointly provide overseas medical insurance for overseas students, providing exclusive overseas medical and health protection services for international students in the United States. Through the medical service providers managed by American Partner- United Health Care (With more than 4,000 medical institutions, more than 60,000 registered physicians, covering 98% of the city and 95% of the country),LA Assist chooses the most suitable medical institution/doctor for clients, so that they can enjoy cash-free service for card-holders. Clients will receive a further discount on medical expenses while enjoying premium medical services.
Medical care Since 2011, Lynxon has officially established a partnership with CareTaker Medical (a US advanced intelligent medical technology research and development company) to jointly develop intelligent mobile medical services. CareTaker Medical specializes in the development of wearable, medical-grade vital sign parameter monitors. The subversive and innovative technology of CareTaker make it the world's first product that achieves ICU-level blood pressure with non-invasive, continuous monitoring and auto-calibration. CareTaker is able to distinguish systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressures clearly and records pressure waveforms. In March 2016 (approved for listing for the first time), in April 2017, three additional functions were approved for listing, the US FDA approved the listing of different functions of the product.

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